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Lisp hacker, Rustacean, Bit Twiddler, Game Programmer.

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About Me

I am from Brazil, born in the state of Minas Gerais. Most of my interests revolve around computers, game development, and low-level programming.

Early background

Attended to Universidade Federal de Itajubá - Campus Itabira for about four years, where I enrolled in a Computer Engineering degree, which led me to acquire a lot of knowledge on Linux and several programming languages.

Programming languages

Those are the programming languages I use the most:

And those are other languages I know, but I do not use frequently:

Current status

Nowadays, I am attending to Universidade Federal dos Vales do Jequitinhonha e Mucuri, where I plan to get my master’s degree on Information Systems.

I also have some expertise on other Unix systems such as FreeBSD (and some practice with NetBSD).

Game development

Most of my knowledge is related to game development, specially with game engine development. I am passionate with graphics programming, even writing my own game engine from scratch in C++ and refactoring it once more.

Life goal

I truly believe that computers ought to become a gamechanger for education worldwide.

Most of the effort is, today, turned into educating people so they learn how to program, which invaluable; however, it is important to notice that the biggest benefit of that is the fact that, by showing people how to build procedures to achieve certain goals, we are also teaching them to think critically about subjects and how problems can be approached. In other words, if one knows how to build a procedure, one also knows how to apply it. That is what I believe in, and that is the idea I try to enforce on educational backgrounds.

I am also passionate about sharing information – by legal means, of course. If someone seeks knowledge about something, said person should not be kept from learning more about it. This is also why I try to keep most of my code and solutions under open-source and/or libre licenses, and advocate around this cause. This also implies on some of my behaviours when writing code and documentation, which I also try to share.

Other interests

Apart from those interests, I came to like other areas that are just as important in the world of computing, such as AI, programming languages and symbolic computation, specially wherever the dialects of Lisp can be used. There are plenty of ways that the industry can grow on that area.

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