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Projects: Common Lisp


Powerlisp is a productivity tool for Linux, which manages dmenu (or rofi) in order to present simple menus. On these menus, you can perform actions such as visiting your favorite websites, searching on multiple search engines or on docsets which are currently installed on zeal.

Powerlisp is also highly extensible, customizable and hackable, and this is a goal from the very beginning.

The first version was written in bash but I felt like it was very inconsistent, both regarding implementation and the language itself. So I have rewritten it entirely on Common Lisp and given it the name Powerlisp, as a reminder that this is a tool for power-users. It also serves as a proof-of-concept that it is possible to write efficient Lisp scripts to automate stuff on Linux.

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The system which powers up Orbit Defense Strikeforce (See Games). Built as an ASDF system, to be used with Quicklisp. This system tries to partially replicate the functionalities on Processing 2.x, using SDL2 and OpenGL. Documentation is on the repository’s README.

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This is a small system which contains an informal implementation of a linear artificial neural network. Uses Quickproject, so you can easily load it using Quicklisp.

This is my effort on porting an old ANN implementation in C++ to Common Lisp. Also contains an automated test for emulating an ANN which can “perform” exclusive-or binary operations.

If you are a Portuguese speaker, I’ve also written about the porting process on my personal blog.

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