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This page contains information on games that I’ve worked, or games that I’m working on.

You can also visit my profile, where I normally post links for downloads and devlogs.


Language used: JavaScript (ES6)

This game was created during a training course on frontend web development. The goal was to create a card game and implement it using a specific framework. I ended up using Google’s Materialize and created this Blackjack clone, which is a small game.

Since the game was supposed to be simple, there are a number of things that couldn’t be done in time. For example, on the beginning, all cards are shown, though the initial objective was to only show the cards at the end of the game; and the cards are not disposed as it was initially intended. However, the game is still playable and still looks good.

(Play Online)       (Repository - BitBucket)       (Mirror)

Orbit Defense Strikeforce

Language used: Common Lisp

A small game, built in 10 days, for the Lisp Game Jam 2018.

The main objective was to build a shoot-‘em-up space game, where the movement and the direction of the shot projectiles would depend only on the ship’s angle.

This game depends on game-sketch, one of my projects built with Common Lisp.

(Game Page)       (Repository)       (Mirror)

Super BrickBreak

Languages used: Rust/WebAssembly, JavaScript, C++, Java/Processing

Super BrickBreak is a small game I once built on the Processing 2.x platform. The game was a small test, which also came out as a proof-of-concept game which I always try to port everywhere, every time I learn a new language.

The first port I made was done for the OficinaFramework v1.3, I believe, and then to pure JavaScript, since I figured that such a simple game should probably be able to run on the web.

Then, when I discovered the Rust language, after playing around for a couple months, I decided to give a try at WebAssembly using it, and then I began porting this very game to Rust.

Currently, the Rust+WebAssembly port is still in the works, but you can play it online nonetheless. Below are the related links:

(Play Online - currently broken)       (Play Online - JS version)

(Repository)       (Mirror)

(Repository - JS version)       (Mirror - JS version)

wasm-platformer-rs (Working Title)

Language used: Rust/WebAssembly

A Platforming game using the HTML5 2D canvas and Rust compiled to WebAssembly. Most of the game’s backend is executed in WASM. It also aims to implement collision, animations and graphics from scratch.

(Repository)       (Mirror)


Language used: Common Lisp

A clone of the classic game Snake, which I built when I was first starting to learn Common Lisp.

(Game Page)       (More Information)

Underwater Adventures

Language used: JavaScript/Construct2

For some unknown reason, I once enrolled on a game development course, which only teached me the basics of what I already new. Nevertheless, the final work of that course consisted in building a small platformer game from scratch, with a bottom-of-the-sea theme, using Construct2 Free. Since I was bored, I just put a little more effort into it than I normally would for such a simple game. After polishing a lot, programming my own static platformer engine into it, and polishing a lot the controls and the level, it ended up as this very interesting level you’ll see below. Unfortunately, I couldn’t add anything else, since Construct2 has a limit of 100 events per project. It can be played on the browser, though it requires a keyboard for that.

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