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Lisp hacker, Rustacean, Bit Twiddler, Game Programmer.

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Lesser Projects


A small demonstration of using a 2D HTML5 canvas and manipulating it from Rust/WebAssembly. Used as a base for my Rust/WebAssembly games.

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Yet Another Static Website Generator. This is a tool for generating static HTML websites, using the Scheme language, specifically the GNU/Guile implementation. Mostly built as a language exercise.

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This is a small JavaScript application, built to prove someone who pitched me about a 360º photo viewer that it could easily be done for a mobile device. The code is basically done, though it only works properly on Chrome browser (desktop and mobile).

(Repository)       (Mirror)


Small and dirty implementation of a blockchain, following an article I was reading. Implemented as a training exercise for both Rust and blockchains.

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A set of brazillian holidays to be used in Emacs’ agenda. Not yet complete.

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A bare metal x86_64 OS written in Rust, which I made by following an interesting set of articles. More information on how it is done can be found on the repositories.

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Open-source Small Games

Those are small games I built which don’t have their own repository. Instead, I keep them in a single, big repository. Since they’re mostly just programming experiments, I’ve only documented below the ones that actually work:

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The following are just small repositories I made to save the exercises of books, contests and challenges I participated on.

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